Group Insurance Review and Consultation

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 Secure Your Employees' Health - With Affordable Plans


Business health insurance is a major cost of doing business, especially for small companies and mom-and-pop firms. With premiums soaring, many small business owners are asking their employees to shoulder more of the financial burden or cutting benefits entirely.


At LifePlan Investments, we have access to all major and some non-traditional new group insurance solutions. We have an expertise and experience to provide the right plan where we control the cost of the employers and provide the best plan possible for their situation.


If you are a business struggling to stretch limited resources to properly compensate and reward your staff, our employee benefit consultants can help.


Just because your benefit options may seem more limited than “big” corporations, that does not mean you won’t be able to provide a competitive employee benefits package that will attract and maintain the best employees.


At LifePlan, we offer a series of core steps to create an optimal benefits solution for your workplace.

  • Assess your company’s goals and requirements
  • Deal with all the major Canadian benefits providers
  • Obtain quotes from various employee benefits providers
  • Advise you on the best possible options for your small business.


This process helps to take away the pressure as you try to sort through all the alternatives in the marketplace and results in you obtaining a superior employee benefits strategy that works and is cost effective.


Our speciality is not only providing the initial coverage or replace your new coverage during when renew; we work with your executive teams to help build a proper plan where you provide the right benefit with affordable cost and manage the cost for long term.


At LifePlan Investments, we work with all major Canadian providers including:

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