Wealth Planning for Business Owners and Family

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An Integrated and Customized Wealth Management Approach


LifePlan's Wealth Management Strategy includes guidance for each stage of your life. Your situation changes, financial markets change, and the factors that determine investment success can also change. Your wealth management strategy needs the flexibility to anticipate and respond to these changes. That’s why we are committed to guiding you through each stage of your life to help you meet your objectives:


Stage 1: Accumulating Wealth (Growing Assets)

We develop strategies to achieve your key financial objectives, including planning for retirement, funding a child's education or preparing for a major purchase.

Stage 2: Protecting Wealth (Maintaining Assets)

We help you manage risk to protect your financial well-being, maintain your independence, enhance your lifestyle and preserve family harmony.

Stage 3: Converting Wealth (Creating an Income)

We find ways to reduce your annual taxes and maximize your after-tax retirement income.

We determine which types of income to use and how to best utilize your assets.

Stage 4: Transferring Wealth (Creating a Legacy)

We plan your estate in conjunction with your other advisors. We help create your legacy

for family and charity, while addressing tax obligations and debts.


We have advance wealth management for business owners such as:

Use of a professional corporation on retirement

Alternative retirement strategy by utilizing the insured retirement plan (called IRP)


We also specialize in immediate finance arrangement for qualified business owners to maximize the cash flow by our lending partners such as Manulife bank and major banks.


Our services are provided through your qualified LifePlan Consultants and Certified Financial Planners, who can help you address your various wealth management needs and goals. 

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