Comprehensive Strategic Financial Planning

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As a growing business establishment, you need to periodically review and take cognizance of where you are headed and measure the progress. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Have you identified whether the status of your operating or holding company shares are eligible for the lifetime capital gains exemption? 
  • Have you considered transferring the future growth of your business to someone else in order to take advantage of some advance tax planning? (An Estate Freeze) 
  • Have you considered the use of a capital gains rollover to your spouse, deferring taxes payable on your death? 
  • Have you investigated any tax liability your estate will have to pay? 
  • Will your estate have enough cash to pay any tax liabilities? 
  • Have you investigated strategies to reduce probate fees on the value of your estate? 
  • Have you planned for any charitable gifting using your estate? 
  • Have any agreements that form part of your estate plan been reviewed in the last year? 
  • Have you shared details of your estate plan with family members? 
  • Does your family know the location of your Will, Power of Attend, Life Insurance, Investments and other important documents relating to your estate plan? 
  • Is your family aware of funeral and organ donation wishes?



Apart of all these aspects, we also working with our clients what are most important to them for today to achieve their goals. One of the will and estate planning we talk about the online accounts and various social or personal accounts password and how they want to be handled when they no longer exists or unable to manage.


You need to have a qualified advisor who can do the 360-degree analysis of your financial road map and life in order to give proper plan.

Give your growing business the trusted financial planning it deserves.

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