Cross Border Planning

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Expand Your Business Worldwide Securely.


If you are a business owner and foreign expansion seems inviting but complicated endeavour you can trust LifePlan to guide you through a potentially lucrative international option. 


At LifePlan Investments, we are committed to understand your needs and develop a customized plan that delivers to these needs. Whether it’s an international move or a business opening across borders, we can help you with tax planning and navigating the compliance requirements in both Canada and the US.


Your trusted LifePlan International Business Specialist* can comprehend the various challenges that arise from cross-border taxation, foreign ownership of companies carrying on business in Canada, and ownership of Canadian subsidiaries. 


Rapidly changing tax legislation requires professional tax advice that is essential for high net worth individuals, professionals, business owners and executives. You will be pleased to know that we work with the specialize team of Accountants and Lawyers who help our clients in accounting, tax planning, and preparation of returns for Canadians and Americans, who live, work or conduct business across the border.


  • Cross-Border Planning
  • Consulting on and implementing creative cross-border structures for those expanding to the US or non-residents looking to operate in Canada
  • Personal and estate tax planning
  • Business support services
  • Inbound investment into Canada
  • Outbound investment from Canada
  • Importing and exporting goods and services
  • US/cross-border tax



LifePlan International Business Specialist* is a partnership with third party Business Consultants, Accountants (CPAs) and Layers in Canada and USA.


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