Succession and Legacy Planning

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A Structured Plan for Business Transition and Transfer of Business Ownership.


Business succession planning is a comprehensive process designed to assist you, the business owner in planning for the eventual transition out of business management and the transfer of business ownership upon retirement.


While your estate plan includes all of your business and personal assets, a succession plan will only deal with your business assets. An estate plan is set in motion upon your death. A succession plan may take effect upon retirement or the sale of your business.


That's why you need the reliable services of a LifePlan Consultant to help you prudently plan an exit strategy or a succession plan that will provide for the transfer of your business upon death, disability or retirement.


Your succession plan should include:

  • A management transition for your business
  • An ownership transition for your business
  • A contingency plan in the event of a disability or untimely death.


We provide some tax advantage strategies to build an effective legacy for your future generations or whoever you would like to leave a legacy. This does not only involve Insurance and Investments options, we use some of the more advance technical to help you build a legacy. Contact us to find how LifePlan Consultant can help you build your legacy for lifetime.


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