Tax and Estate Planning

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The Best Time to Consider Estate Planning is Now.


Estate Planning is the planning process of organizing a tax efficient transfer of your assets to family members, loved ones, specific people or charities.

Your estate plan will determine who should receive assets, and when proceeds of your estate should be distributed. This also includes any other financial or contractual obligations.

If you own a business, your estate plan could also plan for the orderly succession of your business.

The estate plan allows for Post Mortem planning and tax minimization strategies.


Your estate plan should be integrated with your financial, retirement and business plans. If you own property or assets in another province or country, consideration should be given to reflect different laws and taxation that will apply.


Your estate plan will need to be reviewed over time as your personal and business circumstances change. Your plan should be kept as current and up-to-date as possible, so that it remains relevant.


Why should I consider Estate Planning?

  • Your estate plan is based on your rational and emotional motivations. It is done out of care, concern and generosity towards your family.
  • It can be a method of providing meaning to the material wealth that a successful career has provided.
  • It can also enhance opportunities for family or employees who will continue to benefit from years of accomplishment in your family business.


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