It's time to create a retirement plan – and stick to it.

We will help you define your retirement goals and track your progress. Then, use our resources to explore ways to reach your goals faster.

Retirement is one of life’s exciting, and sometimes tricky transitions. Not only for your lifestyle, but your finances as well.

Moving from accumulating savings during your working years to using that wealth to generate income or leave a legacy brings a new set of opportunities – and risks – to plan for.

With the global economy going through periods of uncertainty and turbulence, the cost of living continues to rise. Other costs can increase. Don’t be surprised if you spend more on hobbies, travel and other recreation. Expect health-related expenses to grow as you age, including the prospect of renovating your home to accommodate your changing needs.

That's why you need to work with a LifePlan Advisor who will help you consider four key factors to consider when investing for retirement:

1. How much you expect to save prior to retirement

2. The return you expect on your savings

3. How much of that return you’ll have left after taxes

4. How much retirement income you’ll need once you’ve left the workforce.

LifePlan's unique portfolio diversification approach gives you strong potential for long-term gains and is considered one of the best strategies for making the best retirement investments.

We also advise you to diversify as it improves your chances of making money over long periods, no matter what happens in the market.

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