A win-win plan for employers and the staff.

Many organizations are committed to offer a workplace pension and savings plan for their employees. We work directly with organizations for the benefit of employers and their staff.

A workplace plan can help you save more effectively for the things that matter – including life events and retirement. In fact, employees who are in a group savings plan have a real advantage over those who aren’t. A group savings plan helps you save more and offers additional benefits.

We can also help lower the investment management fees. Together with employers, we have the bargaining power to negotiate lower investment management fees than you would pay as an individual investor. Finally, workplace savings plans can be a convenient and flexible way to save for different goals.

More Savings: Both you and your employer contribute to your long-term savings in many plans. That means your savings power is doubled. What's more your contributions come off your paycheque – before you spend it on other things.

Plus, you pay lower fees: Whether you invest your savings, or your employer does, investment management fees can be significantly lower than those you pay as a retail investor. And finally, you get guaranteed income: If you’re in a defined benefit plan, your retirement income is guaranteed for life.

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Our qualified consultants will take the time to review your current investment account and see if your investments holding have the right asset allocation and are managed according to your risk tolerance.